About us

"Have you ever seen somewhere wearing a horse-themed watch? No? Well, nor have most people."

Let’s be honest, the world of watches can often feel quite
monotonous and predictable. That’s precisely why we’re thrilled to be one of the
microbrands united by a common goal—to infuse a breath of fresh air
into the industry.

Our watches may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and
that’s perfectly fine by us. We’re just committed to using top-notch components
to craft watches that are not only unique and quirky, but also truly stand out.
More than that, we want to make a positive impact in the world, so we’ve teamed up with Brooke, dedicating 25% of all our sales to support their efforts worldwide.

With this in mind, wouldn’t if be fun if we could get a
horse-themed watch on everyone’s wrist and grow our little microbrand bigger
than Rolex?

Our Story

In September 2023, Joe Gardiner (pictured) founded Uplands & Co. as a heartfelt tribute to an enduring tradition shared with his brother. Their mutual love for seasonal, horse-themed gifts ignited a vision—one that would gallop through generations.

Since January 2024, Uplands & Co. has partnered with the Brooke Charity, championing working horses and their communities. With every watch sold, we contribute to their noble cause.

In March 2024, we proudly launched our debut timepiece—the “Why the Long Face” 40mm Automatic. This limited-edition watch captures the whimsy of equestrian life.

2024 promises to deliver a captivating line-up of quirky, horse-themed watches. Each tick whispering tales of equestrian grace, brotherhood, and timeless style. Join us as we gallop into the year ahead, bridging tradition and horology.

  • Great Quality

    We understand that every scratch and ding a watch endures becomes a cherished memento of a great story. That’s why we are committed to crafting watches that are built to last a lifetime

  • Family First

    Call us old fashioned, but we value our customers, our partners, and our people, and always endeavour to go above and beyond - after all, family always comes first!

  • Having Fun

    We understand that the world can often be too serious. At Uplands & Co., we are committed to creating watches that are not only fun, bold, and eye-catching, but also truly unique!